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Before making any decision,

do your homework, or get others to do it!

Either way, homework needs to be done.

Knowledge is your most important strategic asset.

Firstly, identify the decision to be made as well as the objectives or outcomes you want to achieve. Ponder on the probabilities or possible outcomes. In other words, what's the best that can happen, and BTW, stay focused on the positives!

Determine if the options are aligned with your values and abilities. Assess your skills, those that are relevant and on which you can rely.

Do your homework and gather as many relevant facts and information as you can.         

Ask for opinions and feedback from those you trust or have had a similar situation. There may give you different perspectives to look at.

Everyone appreciates the benefits of knowing. The massive amount of data at our fingertips must be analysed for developing insights that lead to improved decisions and strategic moves.

Offer yourself the chance to do the best you can!

Camelia graduated from Massey University Auckland in 2005 with a PGDip in Psychology majoring in I/O (work) psychology.

She is also an Assessor and Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence and Performance in Leadership.

in 2016 she joined our team where she leads the Business Development department.

As a Senior Consultant she looks closely at the business and at the people leading it and its teams. She guides them towards new, more relevant and meaningful ways to grow their business and their relationships or to solve business challenges.

Her favourite leisure activities include outdoor activities, spending time with family, traveling, and learning/discovering new things.

Contact Camelia for a copy of our OARBED resource to further understand how you can implement this in your business.

Camelia Petrus

Senior Consultant, PGDip Work Psychology

Get in touch by Email or phone: +64 9 3666005