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Cashflow Management

*Note: This service is registered with the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund.

Businesses may be eligible for support under COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund.

Find out more by visiting the RBPN's website.

Click to RBP website

Why we developed this service

This is a one on one coaching program designed to increase your financial understanding and awareness, to better monitor and measure your performance in the uncertain COVID-19 environment. 

What is involved

You will have two initial two-hour meetings to understand and learn all the information that needs to be collated to put together a cashflow. There will be preparation material required to be actioned before each meeting and follow up questions to be answered.

This data will then be used to generate a budget for the business that results will be monitored against to the provide you with actual to budget reports.

Once the budget is completed we will then meet for an hour weekly/fortnightly to

• Review your performance

• Measure actual results against your targets

• Discuss your burning issues

• Identify opportunities for improvement and growth

• Set strategies to improve your performance

• Define a fortnightly action plan


  • Assists with bank lending requirements

  • Identifies ways to avoid late payment penalties and interest from suppliers
  • Improves communication and relationships with your financiers and suppliers
  • Gives you an understanding of cash and liquidity for better decision making
  • Helps you understand the key cashflow drivers and the Cash Conversion Cycle in your business
  • Enables you to predict and plan for large cash outflows
  • Teaches you how to monitor your actual cashflow against forecast in your accounting or reporting software
  • Provides peace of mind that your cashflow needs are known and properly funded
  • Improves business processes that maximise cashflow, profit and business value
  • Drives your business to achieve your goals in a controlled and managed way


These service can be delivered through Skype, Zoom sessions phone and other mobile/online communication.


8 hours at $250 per hour. (excl GST)

Cost is fully covered by RBP (conditions apply)