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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

The hidden driver of excellence

The “missing link” that equips leaders to be brilliant

There is one particular mental asset that allows us to monitor our inner world rather than just be swept away by it. It is little-noticed and under-rated. It is what high-achievers use to improve their emotional intelligence, sustain greatness and excel while others do not.

What is it?

When organisations are led by leaders with high EI, staff retention has increased by 67%. Leaders with high emotional self-awareness - 92% created positive workplace climates - compared with those with an untrained EI. A study of over 40 Fortune 500 companies revealed that with Emotional Intelligence training, they achieved: Read more...

Are you interested in Emotional Intelligence (EI) but not sure how you might use it in your organization or company?

The 3 hour seminar aims to:

  • Reveal the hidden, 'little noticed' driver of excellence;
  • Improve your understanding of what Emotional Competence is, especially in regards to how it affects today’s workforce and the complexity of pressures and demands leaders face daily;
  • Give you some refreshing perspective and insights on how you deal with emotions on a personal level.

Who is this for

  • CEOs;

  • HR Managers;
  • Board members;
  • Leaders;
  • Executives in the public sector.

Undoubtedly, the most successful and well-regarded leaders have a talent for reaching the full potential of themselves, their people, make money, do great things AND continue to be a wonderful human beings showing strength, compassion and daring.


  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

  • Emotions: how do they work?
  • What EI is not? How people lacking Emotional Competence think, speak and behave?
  • Four aspects of Emotional Intelligence vital to succeeding in today’s workplace.
  • Five qualities of highly emotionally intelligent Leaders.

Afterwards you understand what it takes to:

  • Develop the ability to perceive emotions in self and others and understand how your emotions and your actions can affect the people around you.
  • Understand what our emotions are trying to tell us. (self-awareness);
  • Reflectively regulate emotions to promote emotional and intellectual growth, generate emotions to assist thought and take control of our reactions, and responses (self-management);
  • Discern the feelings of others, understand their emotions, and how to utilize that understanding (Social Awareness);
  • Diplomatically relate to others in social situations, lead and negotiate conflict (Relationship management);
  • Translate all the above skills into success in the workplace and in life.

For leaders who want to create strong bonds of loyalty with their employees and get them truly engaged in their work.

Ticket price:

$75 (incl GST)

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