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'How Robust is Your Trust'

The 'How Robust is Your Trust' webinar will help you understand your obligations under the Trusts Act 2019 to ensure your Trust is compliant and will help you determine whether a Trust is still your best option for asset protection.

Join us on September 2ndOctober 15th at 11:30 AM for our 60 minute complimentary webinar where you’ll:

  • Determine whether your Trust is still relevant for you
  • Understand the new requirements of the Trusts Act 2019
  • Learn the obligations required of Trustees
  • Understand common Trust issues and challenges
  • Discover best practice estate and succession planning

Points of value:

  • Identify potential benefits of keeping your Trust
  • Ascertain the steps required to ensure your Trust is compliant
  • Minimise risk by understanding how to meet your obligations as Trustee
  • Learn how to avoid common Trust issues and challenges
  • Identify the estate and succession planning options best for you and your family

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