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Plan your business’ customer service culture

June 30th, 2021

Guest contributor

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Work Psychology

Senior Consultant, Certified EI Assessor and Trainer Workplace Behaviour and Leadership

One of the keys to attracting new customers and keeping existing customers is your customer service.

Once you have been through the hard work of attracting customers, and have successfully sold them something, work on encouraging repeat business.

If you delight your existing customers, you’ll find their word of mouth about your business helps attract new customers. The opposite also applies. Good customer service is easy to give, whereas changing a customer’s mind once you have let them down is very, very hard and the poor word of mouth can do further damage.

EI in customer service

Plan your business’ customer service culture and stick to it:

  • Set your service up right from the start
  • Plan your customer service style as part of your brand
  • Get your team on board with good training and systems
  • Use spot checks and survey techniques to evaluate how you’re doing with customers.

Download the guide

to creating a great customer service culture.


Emotional Intelligence 

in Sales and Customer Service

"Leaders in business looking to improve their organisation’s performance can do so by improving their approach to business, its systems, organisational structure, their workplace emotional climate and ultimately, their emotional intelligence: that is, their skill at identifying, understanding and influencing emotion in self and others. It guides them towards new, more relevant and meaningful ways to grow their business and their relationships or to solve business challenges."

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Work Psychology

Our preferred advisor for Leadership and Workplace Behaviour.

Accredited Assessor and Coach

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Emotional Intelligence

When hiring or developing leaders, their ability to navigate through high demand, stressful working conditions and change in the workplace and to lead by example, is now a strong predictor of organisational performance. This is particularly applicable in industries where high emotional labour exists.

Emotional Intelligence