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Leadership Retreat Pauanui Autumn 2017

"In the past I sometimes allowed myself to become affected by other people’s behaviour. With the new skills I am learning I find myself asking “What is going on for this person?” With this insight I can try and gain a better understanding of why they are acting the way they are and why I’m responding the way I am.

I am aware that I control my responses and by better understanding both other people’s, and my, feelings and needs, I can be a more positive and engaged person.

Camelia is:

  • Passionate, committed, trustworthy and enthusiastic

  • Intelligent, learned and discerning
  • Relational, caring and joyful
  • Real, fair and compassionate" Tony Stanley, Auckland

"I now have a new strategy and it feels successful and I feel happy beyond belief." Jackie Mills, Less Mills

"The course was one of the best that I've attended. The first day was rather abstract and theoretical - which made it harder to grasp. But the practice exercises were particularly helpful in absorbing the new concepts. I especially liked the visual representation of the Four Chairs exercise as a visual aid. The things I've learned so far provide a model and pattern for handling painful events in life - mine or others.

We were very well looked after - the food was excellent, and the accommodation was entirely appropriate. Best of all, the participants came with open hearts and a determination to learn and share - which led to the best parts, the learning from and caring for each other. The warmth and support and desire to continue learning together and especially the heart connections were amazing." David White, Fraedom