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The top management wants the implementation of the new business strategy, the line management wants the perfect support from HR processes while the employees want their share of attention, just to mention a few of the HR manager’s stakeholders.

What does it take to create a solid yet flexible organisational structure that fits with all demands?

Learning outcomes from this event:

  • Discover the key areas in your business that you can influence

  • Learn how to adapt the four ways to gain direction, structure, and clarity for your business
  • Learn how the ‘four ways to improve your business’ impact efficiency and growth 

Points of value:

  • Feel inspired to adapt

  • Gain understanding of how efficient the four areas of your business are
  • Learn how to set a roadmap and dashboard for your business

Come and join us and feel understood and supported, and engage with like-minded people in this one hour workshop.

Who is this for

HR Managers and Business Owners

Why us?

With a team of eight experts in accounting, tax, auditing, strategic business development and work psychology services, we are building a Business Community where people effectively use our collective intelligence in achieving their business, personal and lifestyle goals.


Camelia Petrus, Senior Consultant at Lynch & Associates Ltd.

PGDip. I/O Psychology, Work Psychology, and Business Development.

Camelia is Topic Leader and Consultant on the alliance for Business and Personal Development that leads to quality improvement initiatives in the NZ’s corporate world.

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