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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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The Resilient Leader

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The Engaging Leader

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The Mindful Leader

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For information about how to order EI Assessments contact Camelia Petrus.

Camelia Petrus

PGDip in Psychology major I/O 

Senior Consultant Business Development Lynch & Associates

Certified Assessor and Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence and Performance in Leadership and Workplace Behaviour, member of OPRA Psychology Group and Genos International.

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The Ignite Program

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Well-being and Relationships in Organisations

Six core modules - 3 hours each

The Ignite Program is designed to help individuals develop emotional intelligence skills and improve their impact, influence, leadership and resilience. 

The tools and techniques covered are applicable within and outside of the workplace, making the program game changing for business and life changing for people.

Combining learning methodologies with a learning-journey structure, participants experience enduring improvements in their emotional intelligence. 

There are six core modules of the program. Each session is delivered in a three-hour, and includes relevant pre-work, cutting-edge research, experiential scenarios and on-the-job applications.

The program contains a Time 1 and a Time 2 EI Leadership Feedback Report

The first assessment helps us to personalise the program and allows participants to receive results and feedback on their current EI Leadership Behaviour. 

The second assessment, helps participants understand the importance of ongoing development. 

Who will benefit from the program?

Ignite is an emotional intelligence enhancement program designed for leaders and individual contributors at all levels who wish to:

  • Facilitate difficult conversations with confidence,

  • Feel less stressed and better equipped to manage high work demands,
  • Create a positive work environment for others, and
  • Be better equipped to positively influence the decisions, behaviour and performance of work colleagues.

Program Highlights

  • Applied emotional intelligence solutions.

  • Develop individuals’ and teams’ emotional intelligence by assessing and debriefing their assessment results.
  • Provide practical tools and techniques for applying and being more emotionally intelligent in the workplace.
  • Design and deliver personalised group emotional intelligence development sessions.

Session One - Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

In this session, participants will: Explore the neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence Analyse emotionally intelligent leadership behaviours and the impact these can have Identify events that can cause positive and negative decisions and behaviour in others Determine a personal development goal for the program

180° EI Leadership Feedback Report

It measures how well they demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership competencies in comparison to others. The more often they demonstrate the competencies measured, the more effective their leadership is.

  • Benchmarked, raw and gap scores for each competency and behaviour, measured to help leaders quickly interpret and act on their results.

  • Raters provide free text responses for each competency assessed. These are captured in the Feedback Report and help leaders understand the context behind rater responses to assessment questions.

Session Two - Insight and Feedback

In this session, participants: 

  • Reflect on and discuss, approaches taken and outcomes from, doing the learning assignment from the previous module of the program.

  • Review their emotional intelligence assessment results and identify actions they could take on that basis.
  • Explore and practise applying an approach for responding to feedback.  

Session Three - Behavioural Agility

In this session, participants:

Reflect on and discuss, approaches taken and outcomes from, doing the learning assignment from the previous module of the program.

Evaluate models and concepts for improving our Self-Other Awareness.

Identify how they can use enhanced Self-Other Awareness to demonstrate situational leadership, where they take an approach best suited to the type of person and situation they are leading in.

Session Four - Authenticity

In this session, participants: 

  • Reflect on and discuss, approaches taken and outcomes from, doing the learning assignment from the previous module of the program.

  • Explore what ‘effective’ and ‘ineffective emotional expression’ looks like.
  • Evaluate models and techniques for the facilitation of Authentic Conversations.
  • Practice applying these tools and techniques with each other.

Session Five - Building Resilience

In this session, participants: 

  • Explore things they can to do build their personal resilience and practice a mindfulness meditation exercise.

  • Analyse a reactive technique they can implement to help them effectively respond to strong emotions when they arise.
  • Practice applying an approach they can take through conversation to help someone find the best possible response to make in a difficult situation.

Session Six - Inspiring Performance

In this session, participants: 

  • Compare their Time 1 and Time 2 assessment results and determine how they can maintain and build on the outcomes of the program.

  • Explore the final competency of emotionally intelligent leadership – Inspiring Performance - and identify opportunities to do so with their team.
  • Practice applying an approach to help boost employee motivation and engagement

As pre-work to the program Leaders complete the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment.

At the program, we provide them with their Feedback Report, a Development Tips workbook and expert led debrief and action planning methodologies to help leaders leverage strengths and address development opportunities.

Personalised Program Workbook

180° Leaderhip Feedback 


Leadership Development Tips Workbook

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