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What is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions effectively in ourselves and others.

An emotional competence is a learned capacity based on Emotional Intelligence that contributes to effective performance at work.

Emotional Intelligence as “a ground-breaking, paradigm-shattering idea,” one of the most influential business ideas of the decade.

Organisational Behaviour is rooted in human values. These values guide our behaviour as we strive to achieve what is meaningful to us and to the organisation among the demands and complexities of everyday life.

These values reflect the spirit of connection and cohesiveness in our actions as individuals and teams that give life to the organisation as a whole.

Emotional Intelligence is a combination of emotional and social skills that together establish how well you:

  • Perceive yourself

  • Express yourself at work at home and social settings
  • Develop and sustain social relationships
  • Cope with day to day and major challenges
  • Use emotions in practical and meaningful ways
  • Combine your thinking with your feelings in order to build authentic relationships and make good, effective decisions