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Who is doing what? Review your organisation's structure.

September 03, 2021

Chris Lynch, CA, Managing Director

As a business owner, do you find yourself wearing too many ‘hats’ and not having enough time in your day? The key to having a more effective and efficient business is to have a clear Organisation Chart with clearly defined departments, functions, roles, and responsibilities.

The purpose of an Organisation Chart is to provide clarity of the key functions within the business, as well as who is responsible for them. An updated Organisation Chart will allow your business to be more sustainable, scalable, and saleable.

Our full-day Organisational Review process gives you the chance to:

  • Clearly define the internal structure of your business
  • Gain clarity on the departments in your business
  • Understand the function of each department in your business
  • Clarify the key roles for each department
  • Review the key responsibility of each department
  • Establish reporting lines in between departments and people
  • Develop a structure that will support the future plans for your business 
  • Develop an organisational Chart  - easy to communicate with all team members

After spending time refining your draft, you’ll submit your final draft for us to review so we can make recommendations at a final meeting to finalise your organisational structure.

If there are no clear roles and positions within your organisation, we recommend that you begin this project as soon as possible. If you’re planning for expansion, the review will help to clarify roles and responsibilities required for an effective organisation.

By attending an Organisational Review, you’ll:

  • Increase your ability to make effective strategic decisions
  • Understand the key functions within your business and who should be responsible for them
  • Determine ideal roles for the business as opposed to fitting roles to the people in your team
  • Increase efficiency and productivity in your business model
  • Develop a structure that will support the future plans for your business

Free up time for you to concentrate on revenue generating activities or have time away from the business

If you need help developing your clear organisation structure or freeing up your time, get in touch!


Chris Lynch, CA, Managing Director

Lynch & Associates Limited

Email Chris Lynch

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